Company Name : Arcon

Job Title : Truck Driver

Location : Estonia

Payment : €2300 / month

Working Hours :

Accomodation : Free

  • Job Title :Truck Driver - Estonia

  • Job Discription :

    We are seeking experienced and reliable heavy-duty truck drivers to join our team in Estonia. As a truck driver, you will be responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of goods across various routes within Estonia and potentially neighboring countries. You will play a crucial role in ensuring timely deliveries, maintaining vehicle upkeep, and adhering to all traffic regulations. This position offers a competitive salary, free accommodation, and the opportunity to explore beautiful Estonia.


    • Safely operate heavy-duty trucks to transport goods across designated routes.
    • Conduct pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections to ensure optimal working condition.
    • Maintain accurate logs of driving hours, rest periods, and other relevant information.
    • Efficiently plan routes using GPS navigation and other resources to optimize delivery schedules.
    • Maintain clear communication with dispatchers, colleagues, and customers regarding delivery status.
    • Assist with loading and unloading cargo, ensuring proper securement and compliance with weight restrictions.
    • Represent the company in a professional manner at all times.


    • Valid Polish Truck Driver License with Code 95.
    • Polish TRC (Driver Qualification Card).
    • Proven track record of safe and responsible driving experience with heavy-duty trucks.
    • Familiarity with Polish and Estonian traffic laws, as well as EU regulations governing truck driving hours and rest periods.
    • Physical fitness to handle the demands of truck driving.
    • Proficient in Polish for communication with colleagues and dispatchers.
    • Strong work ethic, reliability, and punctuality to ensure on-time deliveries.
    • Problem-solving skills to address issues that may arise on the road or during deliveries.
    • Ability to work effectively as part of a team.

    If you are a skilled and motivated truck driver looking for a new opportunity, we encourage you to apply!