Company Name : Arcon

Job Title : Spray painter

Location : Częstochowa Poland

Payment : zł24

Working Hours : 8-10

Accomodation : Free

  • Job Title :Spray Painter

  • Job Discription :

    Spray painters are responsible for spraying machines, products, and work areas with decorative or protective paint using a spray gun. Spray painters prepare all surfaces before spraying, select and mix the coating liquids, and expertly spray each layer to ensure an even coating.

    We are looking for a skilled spray painter to join our production team. As a spray painter, you will be responsible for filling, smoothing, and repairing each product's surface, mixing the coating liquids, and spraying each layer according to specifications. You may also be required to paint decorative designs using stencils and coat hard-to-reach areas using a hand brush.

    To ensure success as a spray painter, you should have excellent hand-eye coordination, good knowledge of paint mixing techniques, and strong attention to detail. A top-class spray painter should be able to produce even, hard-wearing coatings that exactly match the colors and finishes requested.

    Spray Painter Responsibilities:

    • Meeting with clients and work managers to discuss design and color choices.
    • Removing rust and other loose materials using acid or a wire brush.
    • Filling, sanding, and smoothing surfaces that need to be sprayed.
    • Applying masking tape and coverings over areas that are not being sprayed.
    • Selecting and mixing the required coating liquids.
    • Selecting and attaching the correct spray nozzle to create the desired spray pattern.
    • Spraying machines, products, and wall areas using industry techniques.
    • Spraying designs using stencils, if required.
    • Cleaning spray cans, nozzles, and other spraying equipment after each spray job.
    • Inspecting and assessing spray coatings after the paint has dried.

    Spray Painter Requirements:

    • High school diploma or GED.
    • Diploma in automotive collision repair is preferred.
    • Experience working as a spray painter.
    • Excellent hand-eye coordination.
    • In-depth knowledge of paint mixing and spraying techniques.
    • Ability to see subtle color differences.
    • Experience with breathing masks and protective clothing.
    • Ability to work with acid and harsh chemicals.
    • Ability to stand for long periods

    Job Type: Full Time

    Experience: 4 Year Experience