Company Name : Arcon

Job Title : Welder

Location : Belgium

Payment : €10/hour

Working Hours : 8-10 Hour

Accomodation : Free

  • Job Title :Mig Welder - Belgium

  • Job Discription :

    We are searching for a reliable, deadline-driven MIG welder to join our team of skilled professionals. The MIG welder's responsibilities include interpreting blueprints, selecting appropriate tools and metals, measuring and assembling metal pieces, using cutting tools, determining gas ratios, drilling holes, and monitoring inventory. You should be able to observe health and safety regulations at all times and report any issues to the line manager.

    To be successful as a MIG welder, you should demonstrate excellent physical strength and dexterity, as well as superb attention to detail. Outstanding MIG welders are able to interpret written and verbal specifications and stick to deadlines even under extreme conditions.

    MIG Welder Responsibilities:

    • Selecting, measuring, cutting, and joining appropriate metals to specifications.
    • Preparing metals and work surfaces to ensure safe and effective assemblage.
    • Interpreting specifications and blueprints accurately.
    • Training welding apprentices and mentoring recruits.
    • Regularly cleaning and inspecting welding equipment and tools.
    • Operating cranes and other machinery to transport materials to welding worksites.
    • Determining correct gas ratios.
    • Testing the strength of each join during and after project completion.
    • Diagnosing issues and troubleshooting as required.
    • Liaising with the line manager or supervisor, reporting any issues, and making suggestions for improvement.

    MIG Welder Requirements:

    • High school diploma or similar.
    • A completed apprenticeship or vocational training.
    • A relevant certificate from a welding association may be required.
    • Excellent stamina, strength, and dexterity.
    • Ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.
    • Sound understanding of welding safety.
    • The ability to teach would be advantageous.
    • A willingness to learn and work overtime when required.
    • TRC

    Job Type: Full Time